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Bill Cash MP
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Since the Single European Act of 1986, Bill Cash has opposed European Government and instead continuously insisted upon and argued for an Association of Nation States for European trade and political co-operation. He campaigns for a Referendum on the European issue and a strong re-affirmation of the real sovereignty of the United Kingdom Parliament (where necessary overriding the European Communities Act 1972 and requiring the Supreme Court and the judiciary to implement Westminster legislation inconsistent with that Act to underpin the democratic choice and wishes of the voters in his constituency and throughout the United Kingdom).

Since the Maastricht Treaty brought in European Government in 1992, he has led these arguments from the backbenches, chairing the Maastricht Referendum Campaign with its 500,000-strong petition to Parliament and putting down approximately 200 amendments to the successive European Treaties of Amsterdam, Nice and Lisbon. Consistently supported by a significant number of Conservative and other backbenchers, he has also introduced several Referendum Bills and Sovereignty of Parliament amendments. David Cameron has accepted and whipped several of Bill Cash’s Sovereignty Amendments over the last two years.


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1 Video: Referendum Motion, House of Commons, 24 October 2011 26-Oct-2011
2 Bill Cash MP presents Bill for referendum on Eurozone fiscal union 07-Sep-2011
3 UK prepared to sue Iceland’s government – so “no excuse” for no legal action over Britain’s unlawful commitment to eurozone bailout guarantees? 14-Apr-2011
4 The Vote on Bill Cash's Amendment to the EU Bill "Sovereignty Clause" 20-Jan-2011
5 The Sovereignty of the UK Parliament - European Union Bill - Bill Cash's Amendment 17-Jan-2011
6 Parliamentary Sovereignty and the European Union Bill 11-Jan-2011
7 Bill Cash – EU tax powers chipping away at British sovereignty 14-Nov-2010
8 European Scrutiny Committee Launches Inquiry 12-Nov-2010
9 It is not anti-European to be pro-democracy, says Bill Cash 10-Nov-2010
10 Speech by Bill Cash on European Union Economic Governance 10-Nov-2010
11 Bill Cash – European economic government will apply to United Kingdom 27-Oct-2010
12 No EU budget increases, No EU tax and veto that European treaty 26-Oct-2010
13 Bill Cash nominated as Chairman of Parliament’s European Scrutiny Committee 07-Jul-2010
14 Bill Cash MP speaks out against EU financial regulation proposals 02-Dec-2009
15 Sovereign State 02-Dec-2009
16 A New Sovereignty Act - Letter to The Daily Telegraph 05-Nov-2009
17 Bill Cash MP calls for "full referendum" and welcomes David Cameron reasserting primacy of Westminster legislation over European Communities Act 04-Nov-2009
18 Bill Cash MP urges referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in any event 02-Nov-2009
19 Bill Cash MP responds to Lord Heseltine’s comments 27-Oct-2009
20 Proposed European financial regulatory structure - Letter to The Times 23-Oct-2009
21 Hidden costs of selling out to a failed EU is hitting Britain hard 27-Aug-2009
22 Bill Cash MP says Treasury’s cost of EU membership point to “a new deal” 25-Aug-2009
23 EU control over the City - letter to The Times 09-Jul-2009
24 Bill Cash MP questions Gordon Brown over Irish arrangements and the ‘re-ratification’ of Lisbon Treaty 23-Jun-2009
25 Bill Cash MP condemns Gordon Brown for “creating circumstances which would lead to the betrayal of the United Kingdom and the City of London” 19-Jun-2009
26 Here's how to stop EU red tape from strangling business 25-Aug-2004
27 A party of the nation? 21-Mar-1996
28 Grinding their own axis 26-Feb-1990
29 'No' to the Euro plotters: William Cash warns against loss of sovereignty by stealth 25-Oct-1988
30 British interests at risk: a warning against Europe's creeping federalism 23-Jun-1988
31 Warding off the EEC steamroller: Implications of the European Communities (Amendment) Bill 16-Jun-1986

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